It has certainly been a memorable year for Ajar Online. We’re taking a look back at some of our achievements in 2019 and the success they have brought to our clients and partners. 

New services launched

Ajar Online expanded the services it provides to both tenants and landlords by introducing new key features. From helping fill vacant units to facilitating payments and transactions, Ajar definitely took a significant step forward in optimizing the online property management experience

Find Ajar

In 2019, Ajar Online launched its very own property listings platform with over 1,200 properties listed in just two months. Find Ajar allows property owners to advertise their vacant apartments, villas, houses, or commercial units and guide prospective tenants and buyers to their ideal property.

Find Ajar has allowed us to serve our clients at yet another stage of their rental experience, ensuring the success of their properties.

K-Fast Payments

This year also saw the launch of Ajar Online’s new payment feature K-Fast KNET that allows tenants to securely save their debit cards and pay their rent with just one-click. The option simplifies rent and home-related payments and offers the chance to win valuable rewards for every transaction made.

Maintenance Tracking

Another important feature launched by Ajar Online was the ability to track maintenance requests through a unified dashboard operated by the property manager or landlord. This option not only keeps a record of received maintenance requests but tracks their status from the moment a request is made until it is completely fulfilled.

Ajar Message Center

Communication has always played a key role in the success of landlord-tenant relationships, and consequently in driving the performance of rented properties. The Ajar Online message center, launched earlier in 2019, was designed specifically to speed up and streamline communication in one place.

Ajar Rewards

In 2019, we were also able to add more Ajar Rewards partners to give our tenants more discounts and giveaways. This was an important achievement for Ajar, as we constantly strive to provide more value to both our tenants and landlords.

Tenants can now enjoy rewards on their home essentials whenever they pay online, an additional perk to the credit card points they automatically accumulate.

A Year of Growth

It was undoubtedly a year of great achievements for Ajar Online. The platform grew its market share in the Kuwaiti real estate market to an unprecedented 10%, proving its ability to lead in other markets across the region.

Ajar Online further registered a 99% uptime in terms of the support it lent to both tenants and landlords. Its customer experience reached even new heights as the platform’s dedicated team worked round the clock to provide optimal support and guidance to Ajar users.

In hopes that 2020 will bring more success and prosperity to all tenants, landlords, and property managers, Ajar Online wishes all its clients and partners a happy new year!

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