A good landlord-tenant relationship is based on the understanding that the rent will be paid on time. However, it is also unrealistic to ignore that certain circumstances can lead to late payments. That said those circumstances are by no means unavoidable.

Ajar Online was designed to help both landlords and tenants avoid delays in lease payments. How?

Enabling tenants with modern payment choices

Ajar Online streamlines rent collection by giving tenants more choices in how to pay their rent. Gone are the days when you had to drive repeatedly to the bank to withdraw the monthly rent, which, in today’s increasingly cashless society, only wastes time and effort.

Through Ajar Online, tenants can pay their rent by credit card or debit card from wherever they are, and the amount is instantly deposited in the landlord’s preferred bank account. Incentives are also given to tenants to pay their rent via Ajar Online through monthly rewards in the forms of cash prizes and discounts with partners.    

Automated reminders  

Even when tenants have the best intentions, they can still fall behind on the rent. Ajar Online sends automated email and SMS reminders to tenants with one-click links to avoid late payments.

In case of any emergencies that might cause a delay in payment, Ajar’s message center is ideal for tenants to communicate with their property managers.

Know the rules

It is essential for tenants and landlords to agree on clearly set rules for rent payments and the consequences of any delay. Even more, it is vital for both parties to be fully aware of local and regional laws to avoid repercussions in case of violations.

Lease contracts and policies can be kept up to date on Ajar Online for both parties to view.

Track performance

It’s not enough for rent collection to be timely occasionally. Timely payments should always be the norm. Ajar Online enables landlords and property managers to track the performance of their properties to identify possible shortcomings.

If delays in rent payment are spotted on a regular basis for one property or another, more severe actions might be needed. Alternatively, rewards and incentives could be given out to tenants with a perfect payment record.

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