Managing properties is a chaotic job, whether you have multiple units, or just a  few, we can all agree that it’s tiresome.  However, with the era of technology, and the internet being available everywhere, people are no longer tied to their offices and obligated to manually manage their properties. Multiple online solutions to manage properties from A-Z have come to surface, streamlining property management and the stress of collecting rent. Being a successful landlord or property manager all goes back to your capability in professionally managing your tasks, while continuing to maintain positive relationships with your tenants and property owners.

To simplify your lives, here are 3 tips to give you the freedom of managing properties and collecting rent, anywhere and anytime.

1. Collecting Rent

Probably the most important yet stressful task for any property manager, collecting all your tenants rent when it’s due, and ensuring it’s settled on time to avoid cash flow issues. If you are remotely managing properties, this task can be very exhausting; chasing the tenants’, monitoring who paid and who didn’t, sending multiple reminders, and so on. There are many ways to handle this; manually through a sheet or excel, but this can get messy, the slightest mistake can affect the whole calculation. The most optimum method is using an online solution, that lets you instantly send notifications to tenants via mobile or email, and collect the rent through online payment, what’s even better if it’s automated! Such solutions, reduces manual tasks and costs for property managers, by easily  automating the whole process that would have taken multiple of hours and efforts every month. On the other hand, tenants have the full flexibility to pay faster, in a convenient way, with no excuses for delays.

Like the idea? Ajar Online offers exclusive rent collection services, anytime and anywhere.

2. Maintenance Requests

The heating system isn’t working, the bathroom has a leakage, the wallpaper is peeling, and one hundred other maintenance requests, sounds familiar? If you manage a few properties, you may be able to handle a few requests, but if you manage multiple and even hundreds of units, trust us, the headache will drive you insane. Let’s imagine the manual process; you receive calls and emails from tenants regarding maintenance issues, you need to organise them based on priority, you will receive multiple reminders from tenants who weren’t prioritized on the top of the list, you need to follow up with the vendors used for the fixes, and track open cases until closed… headache initiated…  what an exhausting and complicated issue! Paper trails, excels, and much more.

What if we told you, you don’t need to carry Panadol when maintenance issues arise? Many digital solutions were created for landlords to easily manage maintenance requests in a quick and efficient manner.

Online maintenance management systems increases your chances to be a successful property manager, by reducing the time spent on chasing tenants to know the issue, contacting vendors, monitoring the opened tickets and so on.  Remember, one of the key methods to keep tenants happy, is being responsive with all their requests, maintenance being a frequent and important matter.
Some advantages of using computerized maintenance management systems:

  • Enhance productivity by accessing real-time data and inventory from multiple devices
  • Eliminate paperwork by up to 80%
  • Manage work orders efficiently by improving workflows and scheduling, assigning and tracking work orders and history

Sounds lifesaving? Ajar Online offers property managers a smart maintenance management system for a better view and full control of all issues. Less hassle and more fixing, in an efficient manner.

3. One-stop shop

Now you feel a bit more optimistic by the previous two tips that give you hope for an easier job. To be a successful property manager, you need a combination of skills and things that require a lot of energy, patience and efficiency. Some days are happy and quiet, some are very hectic especially when you manage hundreds of units.  Many solutions are offered separately by different companies, but some are integrated and offer a full property management system including the above and more. Such solutions can be helpful, reduce time and manual work and allows you to make better decisions about your property,  and will be one of  the reasons you are successful and always ready to serve your tenants.

Ajar Online is designed for the real-estate market, offering a complete property management solution for all landlords and property managers; rent and utility collection, a maintenance management system, a message centre to keep tenants informed about any announcements, connecting multiple banks, live data and analytics about your units situations, and much more.

Property managers, stress less, these 3 tips will streamline your hectic job and make you efficient while handling even thousands of units.


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